Academic support facilities


Our spacious classrooms provide students with comfortable and well-equipped environments for engaging in interactive lectures, discussions, and collaborative learning. These rooms are designed to accommodate various class sizes while ensuring optimal visibility and acoustics.


DIFST boasts a common laboratory facility where students can engage in taxonomy and anatomy practical classes, offering a dedicated space for hands-on learning in these subjects. This multipurpose laboratory serves as a versatile space for practical sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and resources to foster experiential learning across diverse disciplines.


The library at our college plays a crucial role in supporting acadamic pursuits of the students and it provides a conductive environment for learning. The library boasts with good infrastructure, designated study spaces and computer terminals. The library's collection is a rich repository of both print and digital resources. The collection includes textbooks (209), Theory & Practical manuals(148), Thesis (28), reference materials, CMFRI reports, FAO Manuals(5 Volumes), and more than 50 e-books. Aside from academics, our library contains a good collection of dictionaries, general science books, motivational books, and novels. We also have annual subscriptions for two magazines, Aquaculture Spectrum and Aqua Star. Wi- Fi connectivity was provided, allowing students to access digital resources. This well-equipped collection library provides an excellent setting for studying.

Our college's comprehensive array of facilities is tailored to provide students with a well-rounded and enriching educational journey. From cutting-edge laboratories to recreational spaces, each facility contributes to creating a vibrant learning environment that nurtures both academic excellence and personal development.