Fisheries Resource Management


Mukkadal Marine Fish Museum at our college was established on 20 th December 2023 showcases a variety of marine fishes, offering an engaging learning experience for students and visitors. A total of 100 species were preserved with labels till date. Our museum showcases an impressive collection of aquatic specimens, artifacts, and exhibits. It serves as an educational resource, enabling students to visually explore the diversity of aquatic life forms and ecosystems.

FRM Laboratory

The Fisheries Resource Management Lab at our college is designed to provide students with practical experiences in aquatic species identification, internal and external anatomy particularly for finfish and shellfish. This lab serves as a vital component of our curriculum because it allows students to gain a practical understanding of species identification through specimen collections and reference materials. Additionally, the lab offers students the opportunity to dissect specimens, enabling them to explore the anatomy of different species. The lab is furnished with high-quality dissection microscopes that enable students to conduct detailed examinations of the gastrointestinal tracts of fish and shellfish. Overall, the Fisheries Resource Management Lab plays an important role in preparing students for careers in fisheries science by providing practical training and experiential learning opportunities. It equips students with the skills and expertise required to address the complex challenges facing aquatic ecosystems and sustainable fishery management.

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