About CoF, DIFST, Midalam

Affiliated to Tamilnadu
Dr.J.J Fisheries University, Nagapattinam, TN

Affiliation No:
U.S.O No.774/TNJFU/C1/2023

State Govt Approved College / Institute and
B.F.Sc. Course

GO.No.94 / 21.8.23

MoU signed with TNJFU -
Guidelines to run the College

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The R.C. Diocese of Kottar, with a history spanning 94 years, has earned a formidable reputation in the field of school education, overseeing the operation of over 90 schools. Additionally, the diocese boasts a distinguished portfolio comprising eight esteemed Institutions of Higher Education. The College of Fisheries, St. Devasahayam Institute of Fisheries Science & Technology holds prominence as a testament to the diocese's unwavering pride, providing a distinguished undergraduate program in the realm of fisheries science.

Why the College of Fisheries, Midalam is Youth Path to Excellence ?

  • Approved Course Curriculam of ICAR New Delhi (V-Deans Committee for SAUs of India)

  • A recognized B.F.Sc degree for all Government Opportunities in the Fisheries Sector

Admission 2023

Admission for Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc)

Admission into the St. Devasahayam Institute of Fisheries Science and Technology is a gateway to a world-class education in the field of fisheries science and technology. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices, the institute seeks to admit individuals who are passionate about aquatic ecosystems, conservation, and the responsible management of fisheries resources. The admission process is designed to identify and welcome students who possess both academic potential and a dedication to making a positive impact in the field.

Our Curriculum

We align our curriculum with the recommendations of ICAR's fifth deans committee, which we are currently implementing. You can access the syllabus for B.F.Sc by downloading it from this link.

Admission of students for this Academic year (2023-24) for the College of Fisheries Science, DIFST, Midalam:

No of students to be admitted : 40 Nos
Admission procedure:
  • Student admissions (65%) will follow TNJFU’s ( Single window system) and Tamil Nadu Government Regulations, including all Government quota

  • The Management quota (35%) will be filled according to TNJFU and Tamil Nadu Government guidelines:

    • i. Students who have applied through TNJFU’s on- line admission system only will be considered under the Management quota
    • ii. The admission of Management quota will be through On- line only (applications in any other forms will not be considered)
  • Course Fee: Affordable; Govt approved fees.

    Date of Counselling: 20.09.23 & 21.09.23

    Contact: Secretary +91 94431 52650

    Contact: Dean +91 73389 86278

    Contact: O4651-208548

    Website: www.difstedu.com

    Email: dean@difstedu.com