Vision, Mission & Objectivies

Our Vision
  • Forging New Frontiers to Foster Food Security and Empower Fishers for
    Sustainable Futures in Fisheries Science

  • Our Mission
  • Nurturing adept fisheries human resources through holistic education and
    hands-on practice, with a commitment to the sustainable management and conservation
    of aquatic resources.

  • Our Objectives
    • To cultivate, equip, and provide a proficient and socially conscious workforce that can fulfill
      the requirements of the Fisheries sectorat both the state and national levels.

    • To engage in fundamental and practical research in the fisheries domain, which can yield
      benefits for all stakeholders involved

    • To disseminate diverse fisheries technologies, catering to the needs of fishers, farmers, rural youth, and women SHGs, with the goal of promoting fisheries entrepreneurship and
      boosting the production and consumption of fish.